Meet & Greet Only (Dakota Jazz Club)

Dakota Jazz Club, Minneapolis, MN

Come meet Morris Hayes, Sonny T and others at a pre-show Meet & Greet. As well, the entire band will perform two songs at the M&G that won't get played during the concert. Some nights, you might even enter in time to see the final part of the soundcheck! Say hello, get some selfies with the band, some autographs and, if there is enough time, a bit of convo with the band.

M&G will start 30 minutes before doors open to the public, so check with the venue for the time and be sure to get there early. For general admission shows, M&G ticket holders should be able to stake out an optimal spot for watching the show.

In order to protect both the band and the M&G participants, proof of two COVID vaccinations (or the singular vaccine) will be required to enter, along with a mask or a face shield.

Meet & Greet tickets MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A CONCERT TICKET and will only be prior to the 1st show.