photo courtesy of Peter Lodder

Damon Dickson (Percussion and Background Vocals)

Tours with Prince: Interactive Tour (1994), Act I (1993), Diamonds & Pearls 

(1992), Nude Tour (1990) 

Albums with Prince:  Diamonds & Pearls, Symbol, Gold Nigga 

Damon has worked in numerous positions while in the NPG – as a choreographer, dancer, background vocalist, and percussionist.  Earlier, along with Tony Mosley and Kirk Johnson, he was in both Purple Rain and Graffiti Bridge. 

In 1983, he and his friend, Tony Mosley, started a dance group (2BRude) where they competed weekly in dance contests at First Avenue, the famed night club in Purple Rain.  They showed up to audition for the film, Purple Rain, and while rehearsing in the men’s room, Prince came in, saw them, and at about 11:00 that night, someone give them a cassette of 7 songs to prepare a dance routine to choreograph and perform the next morning at 5:30.  Five dancers convened in Tony M’s mother’s apartment, learned the music, created a routine and 30 seconds into the performance the following morning, they were told, “That’s enough.”  Only later were they informed that they got the job.  They performed in the movie, as well as at its premiere and continued to be hired for music videos and other events up until 1990 when they officially joined the New Power Generation for Prince’s “Nude Tour.”